Kemtech is honoured & proud to be associated with Magnatech International for more than past two decades during which the Indian high-pressure hydraulic hose industry adopted its machinery as a industry standard for its hydraulic hose production needs.

Magnatech International, L.P. is known as the leading producer of quality braiding machinery for the hydraulic, industrial and automotive hose industries. The company was founded as Textile Machine Works (TMW) in Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1892 by German entrepreneurs Ferdinand Thun and Henry Janssen, and served the ornamental fabric industry. During the next 40 years, TMW designed and built the most advanced braiding machines available and installed them in factories around the world. In the 1930’s, TMW entered a new a market and manufactured machines designed to reinforce hydraulic and industrial hose used in medium-and high-pressure applications. In 1968, TMW was acquired by Rockwell International.

Twenty years later, David L. Thun – grandson of Ferdinand Thun – and his partner, Paul Kozloff, purchased the braiding machinery division from Rockwell, and named our company Magnatech International, Inc.

For more than a century now, Magnatech International has supplied the world with superior braiding, wire spiraling and bobbin winding machines. Customers depend on us for uncompromised quality. Today Magnatech produces a majority of the reinforcing machinery used to manufacture industrial and hydraulic hose. Our commitment to quality control and cost efficiency allows us to meet your demands for faster and more efficient hose-manufacturing systems.

In 2001, Magnatech designed, built and moved into its state-of-art facility. A 1,120-square-meter stockroom dedicated to storing over 6,000 different components is also contained in our new facility. These components serve Magnetch’s broad range of equipment and are available for immediate dispatch.

Customer service is our top priority. A state-of-the-art 560 square meters Research and Development Center housing the full range of Magnatech machines is available for testing and customer trials and to demonstrate spiral winding and rotary braiding technology for your particular products. Our engineers work closely with you to ensure that specific application requirements are met. We also offer technical seminars that show you how to properly maintain and operate machines for maximum productivity.

Magnatech has about 90% of world market share of machinery for braided high pressure hydraulic hose production, 95% for spiral winded high pressure hydraulic hose production. Magnatech today has more than 100 wire & yarn braiders and Spiral winders "installed & successfully working in India" producing approximately 60 million meters of industrial & hydraulic hose per annum for past (2+) two plus decades.

Also it may not be inappropriate to point out that Magnatech has the largest population of imported braiders installed in India among all braider manufacturers worldwide & in fact the presently installed Magnatech machine population in India is manifolds of any other braider or spiral winders manufacturer as Magnatech is largest & the most reliable hose manufacturing machine manufacturer in the world.

Magnatech manufactures model (Rotary Braider) Model RB-2 which can produce individually - roughly 0.64 Million meters of hose per annum- its bobbin capacity is 13.63 kg's of wire/bobbin- RB-2 Carriers maintains constant tension & So resetting tensions is required every 4-5 weeks only- Carrier maintenance cost are negligible compare to maypole braiders- RB-2 easily converts from wire to yarn and yarn to wire with minimal downtime- An RB-2 is typically 22% less expensive & at least 60+% more productive then a Maypole braider, If we consider machine price divided by carrier rpm.

Spare parts & lubricants for all Magnatech machines are available locally in India in Indian currency at Kemtech.

MAGNATECH Product Range

  • High Speed Wire & Textile Rotary Braiders
  • High Speed Wire & Textile Maypole Braiders
  • Wire Spiral Winders (with Wire Preform Tooling)
  • Caterpullers or Haul-Off’s
  • Wire & Textile Bobbin Winders (for Braiders & Wire Spiral Winders)
  • Electronically Controlled Let-Off’s for Bobbin Winders
  • High Speed Concentric Tape Wrappers & Un-Wrappers
  • Hose Building Line:
    • Concentric Nylon Wrappers
    • Eccentric Rubber Wrappers

Applications and Markets Served:

  • High Speed Wire & Textile Rotary Braiders: For reinforcement of High Pressure Hydraulic constructions like R1, R2 & R3 hose production at more than double the speed of Maypole Bariders as these run upto from 45 to 100 Carrier RPM’s and with large bobbin capacity of 13.63 Kg of wire.
  • High Speed Wire & Textile Maypole Braiders: For reinforcement of High Pressure Hydraulic constructions like R1, R2 & R3 hose production from 25 to 45 Carrier RPM’s and with bobbin capacity of 8.16 Kg of wire.
  • Wire Spiral Winders: for reinforcement of 2-Ply to 6-Ply Spiral Hose constructions with 100 RPM speeds of servo machines & upto 11.3 m/min productivity.
  • Wire Preform Toolings for Spiral Winders: “Flex Mandrel Preform Tooling” capable of winding 5.3-99.8 mm OD hoses with 0.20-0.60mm wire OD and “Large Diameter Tooling” capable of winding 32.0-100.0mm OD hoses with 0.50-0.80mm wire OD.
  • Wire & Textile Bobbin Winders (for Braiders & Wire Spiral Winders): Superior quality bobbin winding for consistent winding catenary upto 700m/min operating speed with 2-24 ends of wire.
  • Electronically Controlled Let-Off’s for Bobbin Winders: for individual strand tension monitoring & control upto 700m/min oprating speed.
  • High Speed Concentric Tape Wrappers & Un-Wrappers: For concentric tape wrapping & unwrapping for the hose & cable industry for tapes width 65.0-102.0mm & Hose OD 8.0-63.0mm and upto 1200 RPM shuttle speed.
  • Concentric Nylon Wrappers: for in-line hose building for use with braiding & wire spiral lines suitable for both Flex as well as Rigid mandrel, Nylon Tape width 50.0-102mm upto 400 RPM wrapping head speed.
  • Eccentric Rubber Wrappers: for in-line hose building for use with braiding & wire spiral lines suitable for both Flex as well as Rigid mandrel, Rubber Tape width 100.0-203mm upto 125 RPM wrapping speed.
  • Caterpullers or Haul-Off’s: For 12.7-101.6mm OD with Push/Pull capacity from 1088-5443 Kg & from 4.67-12.70m throughput/min.

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