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Kemtech is proud to be associated with W. Pilling Riepe GmbH & Co. KG since more than 12 years now. Over the past years Kemtech has successfully supplied many Pilling kettles for hot dip galvanizing as well as many other Pilling products to customers in India, Nepal and Nigeria.

In 1873 blacksmith Ludwig Lueling and pub owner Wilhelm Pilling founded W. Pilling & Co.

The metalworking craft enterprise started its successful story by supplying the local wire industry with annealing pots, water wheels and similar products.

In more than 135 years the Smith’s shop developed into a world-wide operating industrial enterprise employing today more than 120 people, being able to supply their world-wide customers with Pilling products.

In 2000 a new production site W. Pilling Riepe GmbH & Co. KG was built in the north of Germany. This step was necessary for developing new markets and due to the lack of space in the existing plant in Altena.

Nowadays you can find Pilling products in more than hundred countries in the world.

The new factory at Riepehas taken over the entire production of galvanizing kettles and allother special weld constructions for the galvanizing industry.

With Pilling’s experience of more than hundred years and continuous improvements of both, materials and production technologies, Pilling is in a position to manufacture galvanizing kettles in all dimensions and shapes for all kinds of heating systems.

Upon request, Pilling can co-ordinate the necessary kettle design details with your furnace supplier.

Pillingcan also assist in selecting most favourable and punctual transport and if desired, Pilling can provide their renowned Pilling Service.

Wilhelm Dietermann GmbH

The company’s founder Wilhelm Dietermann started his business on 1st November 1945. In the initial years, the new company produced buckets and pans for the agricultural sector. As early as 1949, the company began to produce special pumps for liquid nonferrous metals. The range of products was further expanded in 1984 by agitators for the lead industry. In 1969, Helmut Dietermann entered the family company and since 1999 he is managing the company in the third generation. From January 2012, Wilhelm Dietermann GmbH belongs to the Pilling Group. A company founded in 1873 as the family-owned business “W. Pilling Kesselfabrik”. The Pilling Group now consists of four globally-active companies with traditional roots and a workforce of approximately 140 people in subsidiary companies in Altena, Riepe and Dortmund.

Rooted in tradition, Wilhelm Dietermann GmbH has established itself as a premium supplier of special metal and salt pumps as well as lead agitators. Among others, these products are successfully introduced in jobbing and continuous galvanizing lines as well as in melting installations for tin, lead and salt. Dietermann Pumps are the ideal complement for Pilling’s range of melting vats and pots for salt and molten metals.


  • Galvanizing & Pre-treatment
  •         PILLING-Kettles for jobbing galvanizing (i.e. structural steel, etc.)
            PILLING-Kettles for tube & pipe galvanizing
            PILLING-Kettles for strip & sheet galvanizing
            PILLING-Kettles for wire galvanizing
            PILLING-Kettles for bolt & nut & fittings galvanizing
            PILLING-Steel Tanks for pre-treatment (decreasing, rinsing, pickling, fluxing)

  • Accessories & Spare Parts
  •         PILLING-Dipping Screws for tube/pipe galvanizing
            PILLING-Dipping Bows for tube/pipe galvanizing
            PILLING-Dipping Rollers for strip/sheet galvanizing
            PILLING-Guiding/Counter Rollers for strip/sheet galvanizing
            PILLING-Dipping/ Guiding Rollers for wire galvanizing
            PILLING-Dross Scoops/Spoons
            BELUTEC-Enclosures for jobbing galvanizing operations
            Thermocouple-Protection Tubes
            Welding Rods for repair of galvanizing kettles
            Steel Plates for weld constructions used in galvanizing operations
            Custom-Built Weld Constructions for galvanizing operations
            Zinc Blocking Device “ZAS”

  • Heat Treatment
  •         PILLING-Salt Bath Crucibles
            PILLING-Salt Bath Vats/Tanks
            PILLING-Annealing Pots
            PILLING-Annealing Hoods
            PILLING-Retorts for hardening, nitrifying & carburizing operations
            PILLING-Hardening Boxes
            PILLING-Muffles for heat treatment operations
            PILLING-Racks for heat treatment operations
            PILLING-Lead Annealing Bath
            PILLING-Lead Bath

  • Metal Melting
  •         PILLING-Melting Crucibles for metal refining operations
            PILLING-Melting Crucibles/Vats alloying operations
            PILLING-Melting Crucibles/Vats for die casting operations
            PILLING-Melting Crucibles/Vats for recycling operations

  • Accessories
  •         Pickling Hooks for wire/sheet pre-treatment
            Racks for heat treatment operations
            Custom-Made Weld Constructions for melting operations and/or heat treatment
            Welding Rods for repairs


  • DIETERMANN-High Performance Zinc Pumps
  • DIETERMANN-High Performance Lead Pumps
  • DIETERMANN-High Performance Salt Pumps

Applications and Markets Served:

  • Hot-Dip Galvanising solutions for jobbing galvanizing (i.e. structural steel),Tube & Pipe, Strip & Sheet, Wire Galvanizing, Bolt & Nut, Fittings Etc.
  • Pre-Treatment for PILLING-Steel Tanks.
  • Heat Treatment for Salt Bath Crucibles, Salt Bath Vats/Tanks, Annealing Pots, Annealing Hoods, Retorts for hardening, nitrifying & carburizing operations, Hardening Boxes, Muffles for heat treatment operations, Racks for heat treatment operations, Lead Annealing Bath, Lead Bath Etc.
  • Annealing Bells, Guiding Cylinders & Annealing Bases
  • Metal Melting
  • Special Pumps - Zinc, Lead & Salt Pumps

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